The CFDHub@Polimi is a Interdepartmental laboratory of Politecnico di Milano, with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and scientific calculation system. It was born in 2013 with the aim to support the research groups in Politecnico di Milano working in the field of applied computational methods with computational facilities.

Today, CFDHub@Polimi will carry out the functions of service and coordination for use of the scientific calculation systems available to the engineering departments.

The HPC system is mainly designed for the use in the field of computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer modeling, with particular reference to turbulence, multi-phase and reactive phenomena, along with electro-chemical and bio-molecular dynamics modeling.

Designed with the main objective of promoting access to projects with a high technological content and innovation, it performs as service for the research groups members of the laboratory, promoting the development of open-source, in-house and commercial codes currently representing the frontier research.

Steering Committee